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Range Report / Surprisingly Comfortable at 30F

[Karma fronting, Ixia cofronting]

Well, today was the most acceptable day to go shooting I've had in at least a month, if not two months. I had a little bit of stuff that had "accumulated" to do at the range, so I wound up taking five guns to the range. I'd dressed very warmly, since I was intending to get there when it'd be about 32F and leave when it'd be about 38F, but I wound up arriving two hours earlier due to being an idiot. I was, however, rather comfortable, despite the wind. There were times I was unzipping my coat to cool myself down a bit after walking down to change targets.

Ruger Fake-G36 10/22
Some customer had sold me a TruGlo reflex optic, which I decided, possibly pointlessly, to put on my 10/22 with the Archangel kit. I shot about fifty rounds out of it, and was pretty satisfied with the accuracy with the optic. I think I'd like to have a compact magnified optic on it, instead, but I don't want to spend much for it. There's a NC-Star FakeCOG at the shop that I might consider, since the gun's never going to break an optic, but I am not exactly happy with the two NC-Star optics I already own (of which I can honestly only remember where one is right now).

5.56mm Carbine AR-15 Upper
I bought this as a whole gun with a cheap lower, and am selling said lower. I decided to take it to the range and see what I think of it. Obviously, it recoils more than my DPMS 20" bull barrel .223 Rem upper, but it's not like it's ever going to be more than I can tolerate. I loosely sighted it in at 25 yards, but I'm considering putting a compact magnified optic on this one, too. I'll probably spend more on this optic than for the Fake-G36, and then do some minor accuracy testing with it. It has a rather thin barrel, and is not currently free-floated (I already have a Magpul forend coming, so I don't think I'm too tempted to turn it into a free-floated gun) so I'm not going to expect it to be a diamond, but a pearl might be nice.

.223 Rem Accuracy AR-15 Upper
I'd decided I wanted to try using this for my practice in longer distance shooting, because the round doesn't use much powder and can use H4895 (which I still probably have about 7lbs of). The bullet I'm testing out has thus far failed to impress me. I might test around another load that was fairly good the first time around, but I was really hoping for an H4895 load. I'm not too confident about the results of shooting the 40gr load the gun has already shown it likes, when shooting it at 250 yards. I may have to use the .22-250 for this.

.300 AAC AR-15 Upper
For Xmas, I got a new scope for this gun and today was the first day I had to sight it in. It's actually weird shooting a scout rifle with a 7x scope. The image seen through the optic ends up seeming like it's not connected to what you're doing. At first impression, at least. After a few rounds, though, I was pretty accustomed to it.

.270 Win T/C Pro Hunter
Since this was finally all together, I decided to take it to the range and try it out and sight in the scope for it. My impression of it is that I'm rather spoiled by the low recoil of my AR-15 uppers, as the gun just jumped around a lot and I'm not really confident that I can shoot it well. My .300 WSM doesn't jump around like this gun does. The .454 Casull barrel, when it arrives, is possibly going to be a handful. I may end up porting or installing a muzzle brake once I have the mill and lathe to do such work with. It will probably be less unpleasant with the light bullets I'm planning to have this and my 6.8 SPC share.
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