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El Ko's Journal of DOOM!
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Wednesday, May 28th, 2014
6:13 am
I have to say... I thoroughly hate the new layout.
Good job making LJ even less appealing, LJ-people.
Tuesday, April 1st, 2014
10:01 am
This needs to be the new rallying cry of the community.
Title 18, USC 241 - Conspiracy Against Human Rights

"If two or more persons conspire to injure, oppress, threaten, or intimidate any person in any State, Territory, Commonwealth, Possession, or District in the free exercise or enjoyment of any right or privilege secured to him by the Constitution or laws of the United States, or because of his having so exercised the same; or
If two or more persons go in disguise on the highway, or on the premises of another, with intent to prevent or hinder his free exercise or enjoyment of any right or privilege so secured—
They shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both; and if death results from the acts committed in violation of this section or if such acts include kidnapping or an attempt to kidnap, aggravated sexual abuse or an attempt to commit aggravated sexual abuse, or an attempt to kill, they shall be fined under this title or imprisoned for any term of years or for life, or both, or may be sentenced to death."

Spread the word
Thursday, March 6th, 2014
1:15 pm
Well, we're migrating, finally
We've decided to finally make the move to Facebook and be stalked like every other human being on the planet. As such, I don't know how frequently we'll post here, anymore. Not that I think many people really use Livejournal anymore.
Thursday, February 27th, 2014
2:59 pm
Fuck you, Uganda
I suppose I'm not at all surprised that the same government that rapes and assaults its own citizens in order to disarm them is also comprised of such low-life scum that they could even *consider* making homosexuality a psychotically punished thing, let alone actually pass a law as such.

I recently saw a map that showed that most of Africa is like this, though. Only something like a quarter of Africa isn't rabidly against human rights.

When India passed its most recent anti-human-rights law, I was at least able to "boycott" them somewhat. If Uganda exports anything, I'm not aware of it.

I would like to start a petition, asking the government to cease any and all foreign aid to countries like these.
Saturday, February 22nd, 2014
5:41 pm
Fuck you, Arizona.
[All cofronting]

The original 13 colonies that became this country were founded by people who were fleeing persecution by people who were not of their religion. Later, when those 13 colonies overthrew British rule and became the United States of America, one of the cornerstones we founded the nation on is religious freedom. Religious freedom isn't just the freedom to practice what religion you wish to, it is also the freedom to not be oppressed by people of a religion.

This new bigotry law is nothing short of a violation of one of the cornerstones of this country. It is state sanction to violate someone's religious freedom. It is the state placing Christianity higher than other religions. As such, as far as I'm concerned, Arizona doesn't exist within the United States. It's some other country, apparently run by Nazis.

This isn't just about that one law, however. This is just the straw that broke the camel's back. Their stance treating anyone who looks Mexican as a second class citizen, and their stances on immigration, are both not just counter to the American ideal set down in the Preamble to the Declaration of Independence, they are, in a word, inhuman.

If I hear that Arizonans are outraged by this bigotry, I will soften my tone regarding these former Americans. If I hear that these politicians are, every one of them, facing a serious recall effort, I'll forgive. Until then, they are not my fellow Americans. They are, to me, a separate nation. One only welcome in the African continent, where hate seems to be so prevalent.

Arizona may not be as far along as Uganda and other nations where homosexuality is illegal and even carrying a death sentence, but they're certainly not the land of the free and the home of the brave.
Monday, February 10th, 2014
9:11 pm
My car. Truly my car.
[All cofronting]

So, we just purchased a new(er) vehicle. A 2005 Mitsubishi Outlander.

This is a significant purchase for us, for a couple of reasons.

Ever since that old 80's Toyota pickup died, we've craved something at least semi-off-road capable.
Since that Toyota, we've had one Saturn after another. While, at first, the cheapness didn't bother us, but it has really started to lately.
This is, honestly, the first car we can truly say we bought because we wanted to buy it. Every previous car, there was too much of a feeling like we weren't in control of the decision.
The Fury was chosen for us.
The Courier was chosen for us.
The Toyota was chosen for us.
We were practically railroaded into buying the first Saturn.
First Saturn got totaled and we needed a new car ASAP.
The third Saturn was given to us.

This time, we got a new car solely because we wanted to, and we chose what we got (within reason). There was a little of an "OMG, must go right now!" feeling, because it was as close to perfect as we were likely to find, and we didn't want to miss out.
Friday, January 31st, 2014
7:07 am
Nockervision: Gun Companies and My Esteemed Opinions of Them - Volume 4: Smith & Wesson
[Ixia fronting, relaying for Karma]

Smith & Wesson is one of those Big Names in the gun industry, and they probably always will be. They've gotten this reputation as a high-end gun manufacturer, and even if it's not entirely true, that has been their biggest selling point. Without their reputation, they'd probably lose a lot of sales over their many mistakes.

If you walk into a gun shop and ask for a Smith & Wesson M&P, you're likely to get asked, "Which line?" They have revolvers named M&P, semi-auto pistols named M&P, semi-automatic centerfire rifles named M&P, semi-automatic rimfire rifles named M&P, and they're going to add that name to their little pocket .380 ACP pistol, now. It honestly drives me up the wall. Add in names like Centennial and Chief's Special, and what you get is a lot of names that mean nothing, anymore. Why? Because Smith is banking on nostalgia.

If you walk into a gun shop and ask to see the most powerful handgun they've got, they'll probably show you a Smith & Wesson X frame revolver. They fire huge rounds and are truly monsters of guns. However, it's almost totally a gimmick. Smith & Wesson made huge profits from getting one of their guns labeled The Most Powerful Handgun In The World (even though it was not true at the time). So, not too long ago, they decided to get that title back, and earn it. Most people want to shoot them like they want to ride a roller coaster. They want to do it a few times and then stop. They don't want to take the roller coaster home. Gun owners who want to shoot a .500 S&W Magnum want to shoot a few rounds from it. They don't want to own one. They're expensive as hell to shoot. ~$70 for 20 rounds, compared to ~$40 for 50 rounds of .44 Magnum. Why? Because Smith is banking on nostalgia.

Now, don't get me wrong. Smith & Wesson revolvers are excellent guns. While there used to be better double-action revolvers out there, they would be $2000 guns today. S&W is on top of this market simply because the market won't support anyone better.
Smith & Wesson's M&P is a great gun, but there are better things out there. They cost more, but that's the nature of the market.
The problem, IMO, is that they're trying too hard to appeal to the niche market of "OverSafetied Guns."
They put integral gun locks on a lot of their revolvers. Most people who know much about guns will ask for the version without it, if they have the choice. Sure, it's a cheap and easy way of keeping your kid from getting real access to it. However, it also nearly eliminates the possibility of it being used as a defensive gun if you keep it locked all the time, and adding something breakable that can PERMANENTLY disable your gun isn't the greatest of ideas when it's purchased to aid one in a life or death situation.
They waste (and I really mean to use that word) production time making M&P variants with on/off safety levers, integral gun locks, and/or magazine disconnects. I wouldn't say they should eliminate them all together, because the niche of the "Oversafetied Gun" does exist, but produce far fewer of them in favor of producing more "normal" M&Ps. The oversafetied M&Ps sell, but only when the normal M&Ps are sold out.

Some people might challenge me and say, "There's no such thing as too safe with a gun!" However, we effectively have FIVE cardinal rules of gun safety that state or imply not to trust safety mechanisms. Being safe with a gun is not a matter of how many levers, switches, and buttons it has on it. It's a matter of behavior.
If you pull the trigger of a gun, you should only do so under conditions where if the gun fires, nobody will be hurt. Even if the on/off safety is on Safe. Even if the integral gun lock is locked. Even if you're damn sure the gun is unloaded.
6:28 am
Nockervision: Gun Companies and My Esteemed Opinions of Them - Volume 3: Ruger
[Ixia fronting, relaying for Karma]

When I first got into guns, Ruger made excellent revolvers and they also made clunky, chunky, inexpensive but dependable semi-auto pistols. They had a semi-auto centerfire rifle that was a copy of the M1/M1A. So, in essence, I thought of them as one of those companies that made classic (read: old semi-outdated designs) guns and had made a half-assed effort at getting into the semi-auto market, but wasn't too interested in it.
Meanwhile, dozens of companies were making light, concealable firearms to meet the demands of the American Public and the building surge of concealed-carry. Ruger wasn't.
Dozens (maybe even hundreds) of companies were getting in on making better modern semi-automatic rifles. Ruger wasn't.
Many companies were getting police and military contracts for duty sidearms. Ruger wasn't.
And it was all because of Bill Ruger, their CEO. Bill was as anti-gun as a CEO of a gun company could really be.

And then Bill Ruger died.

Suddenly, Ruger explodes out of the gate with new MODERN designs. I almost wonder if they'd been designing things in secret behind Bill Ruger's back, preparing for the day when the guy would pass on.
The LCP not only took the gun market by storm, but it made most semi-auto pistol makers rush to develop their own pocket .380 ACP. Not even the recall could dent the public's enthusiasm for it.
The SR-556, while relatively expensive, was an excellent upper-end AR-15.
The SR9/SR40 series has become a credible challenger of the Glock, S&W M&P, and Springfield XD.
The LCR wasn't just modern, it was a design that I felt was too modern for the market; that old codgers would spit and curse at the idea of a "plastic revolver." And, yet, it's been selling well enough that it's become an entire series.
All in all, Bill Ruger dying was about the best thing to happen to the company, as awful as that statement is.

Ruger has a lot going for them, but, IMO, they're still holding themselves back in some ways. Most of their new semi-automatics have the redundant obsolete on/off safety lever. While, yes, there will always be a portion of the market that doesn't understand that there are internal safeties inside the guns, the market has moved beyond putting Fail Levers on guns. I can't imagine what possessed them to put a magazine disconnect on the LC9.
What Ruger needs to do, now, is take themselves a little further into the modern market. Offer a version of their SR9/SR40 and LC9/LC380 without the on/off lever and tout the internal safeties, for example. It's my opinion that the only thing keeping LE agencies from making huge duty weapon deals with Ruger is that on/off lever that could get bumped on. Yes, I know that if an LE agency asks for 100,000 SR9s without on/off levers, Ruger will make them that way for them, but they may not *know* that's an option.
Wednesday, January 29th, 2014
4:15 pm
Range Report / Surprisingly Comfortable at 30F
[Karma fronting, Ixia cofronting]

Well, today was the most acceptable day to go shooting I've had in at least a month, if not two months. I had a little bit of stuff that had "accumulated" to do at the range, so I wound up taking five guns to the range. I'd dressed very warmly, since I was intending to get there when it'd be about 32F and leave when it'd be about 38F, but I wound up arriving two hours earlier due to being an idiot. I was, however, rather comfortable, despite the wind. There were times I was unzipping my coat to cool myself down a bit after walking down to change targets.

Ruger Fake-G36 10/22
Some customer had sold me a TruGlo reflex optic, which I decided, possibly pointlessly, to put on my 10/22 with the Archangel kit. I shot about fifty rounds out of it, and was pretty satisfied with the accuracy with the optic. I think I'd like to have a compact magnified optic on it, instead, but I don't want to spend much for it. There's a NC-Star FakeCOG at the shop that I might consider, since the gun's never going to break an optic, but I am not exactly happy with the two NC-Star optics I already own (of which I can honestly only remember where one is right now).

5.56mm Carbine AR-15 Upper
I bought this as a whole gun with a cheap lower, and am selling said lower. I decided to take it to the range and see what I think of it. Obviously, it recoils more than my DPMS 20" bull barrel .223 Rem upper, but it's not like it's ever going to be more than I can tolerate. I loosely sighted it in at 25 yards, but I'm considering putting a compact magnified optic on this one, too. I'll probably spend more on this optic than for the Fake-G36, and then do some minor accuracy testing with it. It has a rather thin barrel, and is not currently free-floated (I already have a Magpul forend coming, so I don't think I'm too tempted to turn it into a free-floated gun) so I'm not going to expect it to be a diamond, but a pearl might be nice.

.223 Rem Accuracy AR-15 Upper
I'd decided I wanted to try using this for my practice in longer distance shooting, because the round doesn't use much powder and can use H4895 (which I still probably have about 7lbs of). The bullet I'm testing out has thus far failed to impress me. I might test around another load that was fairly good the first time around, but I was really hoping for an H4895 load. I'm not too confident about the results of shooting the 40gr load the gun has already shown it likes, when shooting it at 250 yards. I may have to use the .22-250 for this.

.300 AAC AR-15 Upper
For Xmas, I got a new scope for this gun and today was the first day I had to sight it in. It's actually weird shooting a scout rifle with a 7x scope. The image seen through the optic ends up seeming like it's not connected to what you're doing. At first impression, at least. After a few rounds, though, I was pretty accustomed to it.

.270 Win T/C Pro Hunter
Since this was finally all together, I decided to take it to the range and try it out and sight in the scope for it. My impression of it is that I'm rather spoiled by the low recoil of my AR-15 uppers, as the gun just jumped around a lot and I'm not really confident that I can shoot it well. My .300 WSM doesn't jump around like this gun does. The .454 Casull barrel, when it arrives, is possibly going to be a handful. I may end up porting or installing a muzzle brake once I have the mill and lathe to do such work with. It will probably be less unpleasant with the light bullets I'm planning to have this and my 6.8 SPC share.
Wednesday, January 22nd, 2014
7:08 am
Nockervision: Gun Companies and My Esteemed Opinions of Them - Volume 2: Taurus
[Karma fronting]

It seems like they're running out of good ideas, at the moment. Or, maybe the good ideas are still on the drawing board. Either way, I've really not seen much interesting or exciting from them in a while. The CT9 and CT40 are interesting, as is that 992. Credit where it's due, but I think that the carbine is a misguided entry (too expensive and too heavy) and the 992 isn't getting enough press to really grab people's attention (I love how they apparently used a 1911 magazine release assembly for the switch out cylinders).

But.... The View.... WTF. I mean, seriously, who the hell came up with that? Slap them for me, Taurus. If this thing sells worth a damn, I'll be shocked. Kudos for trying to make the CCW revolver even smaller, sure. However, this gun just puts me in mind of an animal born with an seriously underdeveloped leg or something. The clear side panel doesn't help it look like it's meant to be a serious contribution to the market. It just makes the gun look cheaper, to be honest. Even the very concept they're trying to achieve. "Now you can see what's going on inside your gun!" is more of a toy company thing than something a gun company should be saying.

I must say, however, that I'm less impressed with all the Gen 2 stuff they've been releasing. The Millennium and 24/7 lines needed an update, perhaps, but the sights and overall feel of the Gen 2 stuff seems cheaply made in comparison to Gen 1. The 700 series guns seem to be the middle ground of this switch, as well. They don't feel as cheap as the Gen 2 Millennium and 24/7 lines, but the sights are.

At least, for the moment, Taurus seems to have recognized it's "place" in the gun industry. The 800 series is no longer as expensive as a Glock (and thus no longer doomed to fail because it won't ever be seen as a valid option in that price range).

I suppose that what I'd like to see from Taurus would be something like a Custom Shop. Maybe an on-demand sort of thing, maybe a line of more custom options. Could be simple improvements like night sights, or it could be "fully tricked out" guns that, though they'd cost more than a simple Glock, would have improvements that would make that Glock a $1200 gun.
6:29 am
Nockervision: Gun Companies and My Esteemed Opinions of Them - Volume 1: Springfield Armory
[Karma fronting]

Springfield, for the last few years, has just plain been weird. Not necessarily bad weird, but weird.
They introduce the XDM, a gun designed, they said, to be something of a middle ground between a Defensive Pistol and a Match Pistol. Higher capacity for those events where, apparently, a 17 round magazine just isn't good enough, match grade barrel (or at least has the word "match" stamped on it, take your pick), and more target style sights.... and then they release a shorter barreled - thus less accurate - version.... and then they release a shorter gripped - thus with less control - version of the shorter barreled version. Sure, maybe this was customer demand. But, still, this is like introducing the Corvette, and then making a 4 cylinder version of it, and then making a hatchback version of that. The XDM 3.8 and 3.8 Compact sell better than the 4.5. It's still weird.

And, more recently, they introduce an exciting new little slim subcompact, the XDS. Great little gun, by all accounts other than those pissed off about the recall (this stuff happens, people). So, what do they introduce next? A less concealable version of it, adding three quarters of an inch to the overall length. Were there really people saying, "This is a great carry gun and all.... but, I can't hit things 50 yards away very well with it..."?

I mean, I know that Americans have this weird desire for one thing to do everything, but it really doesn't work out well when you really try to achieve that. Besides, don't you *like* having reasons to buy more guns? ;)

On the 1911 and M1A side of things, they seem to be doing that annoying but profitable thing of sticking with what works. I can only complain about that in terms of wanting to see something more interesting from them. A new rifle (new, not an M1A with a different stock; a non-M1A rifle) or a real improvement of the 1911.
Thursday, January 9th, 2014
7:25 am
I'm understanding, now, even if I don't agree.
[Karma fronting, All cofronting]

I understand the concern, now, about what the Right Wing tends to refer to as the Left's focus on "redistribution of wealth."

If we tax the rich, for being rich, in order to help raise the standard of living of the poor, we are effectively blaming the rich for the problem, and rewarding the poor for what may very well be a situation they, themselves, caused.

People are rich, typically, because they have both the knowledge and the opportunity to milk Capitalism for every dime. If I took a hobo off of the street, gave him a book that fully explained how to do that, too, and a hundred grand to start with, he'd become a millionaire, too.

Generational poverty aside (because it's a different issue entirely) people are typically poor because they've made bad choices in life. I have a friend who is a great example of this. He's been effectively homeless for years, relying on the kindness of strangers, not because he's stupid or because his parents were poor, but because he just refuses to have an actual job. If he would just go apply some place that'll hire him and get even minimum wage, he'd feel less free, but he would also not be wondering if he'll have a place to stay next week. But, that's his choice. If the government suddenly starts handing him money, taken from the rich, for being rich, it would effectively be rewarding his poor choices as well as penalizing the rich for simply having the ways and means to be rich.

Now, personally, I think there's more to the situation than that. Maybe I'm just naive, but I think that we, as a society, shouldn't just leave it at "fuck the poor; they had their chance." Shouldn't those of us that *do* have the means to help be offering it? I don't send that friend of mine any money, because I am not truly doing so well, myself. If I were making twice what I am, now, I'd help, because I could afford it.

I suppose I can see why people don't like the idea of institutionalizing this "moral" grounds for assisting those in need, and here and now I have no ideal solution to the issue. Maybe some new legal definition of a charity, that says that any group not giving at least 70% (arbitrary number) of their income to those they are purporting to aid is not a charity, and cannot claim they are. Like the enforcement of who can label their food "Organic," and such. It'd be a government standard that allows people to know that what they're giving to actually is a charity.
Wednesday, January 1st, 2014
7:36 am
Still someone with a little sense in New York's government

Summary: Judge strikes down the portion of the "Safe" Act that says you cannot load more than seven rounds in a magazine.

To clarify, they actually passed a law that said you could have ten round magazines, as long as you didn't load more than seven rounds in them. This judge is saying such a restriction is idiotic and irrelevant to the purpose of reducing "gun crime." Sadly, he said the rest of it was constitutional, so it's not like he can read English that well.
Sunday, December 29th, 2013
7:29 am
So, 7th Edition 40k is on its way....
[Karma fronting]

I honestly find myself feeling guilty from how smug that makes me feel.

To catch you all up, I got out of 40k a little after the introduction of 5th Edition. Don't get me wrong, there were some things about 5th Edition that I really liked. Others were stupid, but tolerable, and still others were like listening to the lead vocalist of Cake or Kings of Leon (seriously irritating). It wasn't entirely that which drove me away, but also the new direction GW was taking 40k.

I thought 6th Edition came out a little fast. Now that 7th Edition is supposed to land in six months or so, I start finding myself doubtful of GW's claim that the main rulebooks are an unwanted hassle.

When transitioning from 3rd Edition to 4th Edition IG Codices, I had to buy more models, because the points values dropped. When transitioning from 4th Edition to 5th Edition, I had to buy more models, because my army builds became invalid. If I'd stayed in the game long enough to transition from the 4th Edition to 5th Edition IG Codex, I'd have had to buy more models. See the pattern?

Starting just prior to 5th Edition, and, from what I've seen, continued with each and every Codex, each new codex makes the army the codex is for the most powerful in the game. So, if you want to win, you have to play the newly codexed army. See the pattern?

I could chalk the edition and codex changes I "lived through" as things being rebalanced. Now, it's clear that this is entirely deliberate. So, I call any claim that GW doesn't like doing it as bullshit, as it's clearly their new business model.
Friday, December 20th, 2013
8:59 am
Impulse bid....
So, once again, I've gone against The Plan. I've bid on an old Taurus 32 H&R revolver, and probably too much. But, I have decided I want one. It'll end up being a longer barrelled gun than my 327 Fed Mag, but I can live with that. If I get this, I'll wait on the 414 supermag barrel for my T/C. I'm kind of hoping I'll get outbid, but there's not much time left. We'll see.
Tuesday, December 17th, 2013
9:52 am
Armed personnel at school is a stupid idea?
[Karma fronting]


Wanna bet?

So, this idiot, who was apparently ready to do a lot of damage, instead harmed only one person. We're all hoping she makes a full recovery.

Why wasn't there more bloodshed? Because people who were equipped to stop the shooter, did. We should laud the unarmed staff that came with that deputy.

I fully agree with the end of that article.

Gun Free School Zones are Child Murdering Zones, nothing more. We need to allow, encourage, and enable trusted people at these schools to carry weapons. It's one piece of solving the puzzle of school shootings, but it's certainly needed.
Sunday, December 15th, 2013
5:16 pm
Post Xmas Green Light
[Karma fronting]

So, the 1894FG finally sold, after being up there for a month and a half. It's paid and shipped. I'm going to wait until after Xmas, and possibly longer, before I order the other barrels, simply so I can order them all at the same time. I may also have more money to spend on guns/barrels after Xmas, too. I'm not sure why I should wait until my .454 Casull barrel gets here, as it's not like I can get these barrels anywhere else.

The final decision is .41 Rem Mag, .327 Fed Mag, and .414 Super Mag. .445 Super Mag will be the next after those three.

I'd been looking into how hard it is to find .414 Super Mag reloading dies, and it turns out most people just use .41 Rem Mag dies backed out the third of an inch that this case is longer than the .41 Rem Mag. I tried one of the pieces of brass I got in my .41 dies and it went all the way into my sizing die without a problem, so I'm definitely happy on that. Hopefully I won't ruin more than one case getting a new set of .41 Mag dies set up for .414 Supermag.

Interestingly, .414 Supermag uses rifle primers. Sadly, there's very little reloading data out there for this round.
Thursday, December 12th, 2013
6:17 am
Range Report / Glad that wasn't my hand
[Ixia fronting, relaying for Karma]

So, we decided to brave the cold, and, to a degree, the snow, and went out to Little Indian Creek to do some shooting.

We did some accuracy testing with the AR-15 pistol. I know that may seem superfluous, but there were significant differences at 25 yards between the loads, and one load was definitely the better for the gun. However, the muzzle brake's blast damaged my sandbag rest and partially broke my ammo box, spilling a few rounds out of later test groups. Those groups were pretty good, so I might retest them.

Also shot the .204 Ruger, but the wind just wasn't cooperating, so I think it was a wasted test. Though, still enjoyable in its own way.

There was less trouble getting the car back up that hill in the snow, since there was so much less snow to fight through. We were a little worried.
Tuesday, December 10th, 2013
3:18 pm
The "Shortage" of .22 LR: The Real Story
[Karma fronting]

You wanna know what's *really* causing the shortage of .22 LR?


Completely worthless pieces of shit like this guy, who are ordering all they can get and then selling it for *far* too much. Those two boxes of 555 at MSRP, would be $61.

So, for those of you who go to gun shows, please, do us all a favor: call these assholes out on it. Don't mince words. Call them pieces of shit, to their faces, in front of everyone. Spread the word that this asshattery isn't to be tolerated.

For those of you with a gun broker account, since you actually are risking something by treating these shit sacks the way they deserve, send them messages, daily if you have the time, politely asking them how they can sleep at night considering they're shitting on their fellow gun owners who are already feeling sufficiently shat upon.
Sunday, December 1st, 2013
9:53 am
They call me Battle Sugar (unrelated topic)
So, I've dipped into a savings "account" that probably never will be used, and ordered a 454 Casually barrel for my Thompson Center, to be my deer rifle, as well as enable me to Chronograph loads in it to help expand common knowledge on pistol cartridges in rifle barrels. In an event of synchronicity, coworker R was getting rid of some 250gr Hornady Ftx's in 45 caliber, so I bought them off of him. This is the bullet I wanted to use to develop accurate loads with anyway. I'll probably also try to find some soft points and maybe try some hollow points.
It will be interesting to see what this thing can do, velocity-wise.
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