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El Ko's Journal of DOOM!

Don't eat the yellow brain cells

15 February 1979
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This is a somewhat confusing thing to talk about, because it's not really a "yourself" it's a "yourselves" sort of thing. We are what's called a multiple. Meaning, there are several people existing within this body. Currently four. This doesn't mean we always say "we" instead of "I," because it's not always more than one of us speaking at any given time.

Of the four of us, three of us could be considered gun enthusiasts. Some might call us a gun nut, but those people haven't really met a real gun nut, rather thinking anyone that likes guns is a nut because of it. We own several, but we're not really the basement armoury type. At least not in our opinions. We are one of those people you've heard about that are licensed by the state to carry a concealed firearm. Like virtually all other such licensees, we really don't ever want to have to even point a gun at another person, let alone be forced to shoot them.

Despite being pro-gun, we tend to lean somewhat left of center, politically. Karma and Kael are a bit right-wingy, Ixia and Takkaddu are pretty left-wingy. If we were to pick a political party to reprsent us as a group, it would be the Libertarians. "But, wait, liberals hate guns, and at least one of the two left-wingers has to be one of the three pro-gun people!" Liberals are all about freedoms. Which includes freedom to defend oneself, or their fellows, from their own government. A disarmed populace has a lower chance of being successful at doing so. All of us would like to see the US, if not the whole world, adopt communism. Not the false communism that China and the USSR had, but real communism. We'd also like to see a world where guns ceased to exist because people no longer had any desire to kill, rape, kidnap, or immolate their fellow human beings. We know that leaves out hunting, but we think it would be more interesting to hunt with bows and spears, anyway.

We are a gamer, though not a very active one, currently. We enjoy many role playing games, miniature-based table-top games, and computer games. But, much of this is on hold, or on the back burner due to a lack of people to play with.

We're a Chaplain of Discordia. No, this doesn't mean we're trying to spread chaos around the world, via guns or any other means. It means we recognize and respect the disorder that is a fundamental part of the world. As fundamental as the order that people think rules disorder. Additionally, we have a little religion of our own, centered around certain individuals who passed through our life, greatly improving it before disappearing into the ether once again.

For a long time, ten years or so, we were asexual. This really changed with Ixia and Isis remerged into the whole person they had been. After this, likely as a direct result of sexual energy flowing through the system, Kael and Karma started becoming sexual people, as well.

There is, of course, a lot more, but this is a brief run down of the sorts of things you can expect to find in our journal.
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