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My car. Truly my car.

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So, we just purchased a new(er) vehicle. A 2005 Mitsubishi Outlander.

This is a significant purchase for us, for a couple of reasons.

Ever since that old 80's Toyota pickup died, we've craved something at least semi-off-road capable.
Since that Toyota, we've had one Saturn after another. While, at first, the cheapness didn't bother us, but it has really started to lately.
This is, honestly, the first car we can truly say we bought because we wanted to buy it. Every previous car, there was too much of a feeling like we weren't in control of the decision.
The Fury was chosen for us.
The Courier was chosen for us.
The Toyota was chosen for us.
We were practically railroaded into buying the first Saturn.
First Saturn got totaled and we needed a new car ASAP.
The third Saturn was given to us.

This time, we got a new car solely because we wanted to, and we chose what we got (within reason). There was a little of an "OMG, must go right now!" feeling, because it was as close to perfect as we were likely to find, and we didn't want to miss out.
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