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Nockervision: Gun Companies and My Esteemed Opinions of Them - Volume 2: Taurus

[Karma fronting]

It seems like they're running out of good ideas, at the moment. Or, maybe the good ideas are still on the drawing board. Either way, I've really not seen much interesting or exciting from them in a while. The CT9 and CT40 are interesting, as is that 992. Credit where it's due, but I think that the carbine is a misguided entry (too expensive and too heavy) and the 992 isn't getting enough press to really grab people's attention (I love how they apparently used a 1911 magazine release assembly for the switch out cylinders).

But.... The View.... WTF. I mean, seriously, who the hell came up with that? Slap them for me, Taurus. If this thing sells worth a damn, I'll be shocked. Kudos for trying to make the CCW revolver even smaller, sure. However, this gun just puts me in mind of an animal born with an seriously underdeveloped leg or something. The clear side panel doesn't help it look like it's meant to be a serious contribution to the market. It just makes the gun look cheaper, to be honest. Even the very concept they're trying to achieve. "Now you can see what's going on inside your gun!" is more of a toy company thing than something a gun company should be saying.

I must say, however, that I'm less impressed with all the Gen 2 stuff they've been releasing. The Millennium and 24/7 lines needed an update, perhaps, but the sights and overall feel of the Gen 2 stuff seems cheaply made in comparison to Gen 1. The 700 series guns seem to be the middle ground of this switch, as well. They don't feel as cheap as the Gen 2 Millennium and 24/7 lines, but the sights are.

At least, for the moment, Taurus seems to have recognized it's "place" in the gun industry. The 800 series is no longer as expensive as a Glock (and thus no longer doomed to fail because it won't ever be seen as a valid option in that price range).

I suppose that what I'd like to see from Taurus would be something like a Custom Shop. Maybe an on-demand sort of thing, maybe a line of more custom options. Could be simple improvements like night sights, or it could be "fully tricked out" guns that, though they'd cost more than a simple Glock, would have improvements that would make that Glock a $1200 gun.
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